Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Resolutions, New Blog Ideas

I've been reading a lot around the blogosphere about not liking New Years Resolutions.  I can totally understand this mentality; working on oneself all year long is the ultimate goal after all.  But I can't help it; I love making resolutions!  Maybe it's because I'm happiest when I'm setting personal goals, challenging myself more than just professionally, and reminding myself of what matters in life (because lately it's so easy to forget).  Or, maybe it's just because every year I party too hard basically from November and December and feel the need to detox in more ways than one come January 1st!  Regardless, I have a few resolutions this year that I'd like to share, and some ideas on my blog and how it might develop over 2010.

New Years Resolutions 2010
1. Run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 24, 2010!!  I can't express how nervous/excited/scared I feel to put that one in writing!  I've done two half marathons but never gotten the courage to sign up for a full. 
2. Read through the stack of unread books on my bookshelf.  I am an avid reader but LOVE to buy new books, even if I've got a huge pile waiting for me at home.
3. Be a better, more present, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and co-worker.  This is a non quantifiable goal (i.e. no measurable results) but I will know, and that's all that really matters.

Along with the resolution theme, I've decided to re-format the blog a little.  While I really enjoy posting recipes and reading blogs that have the same format, I find that I go back most often to the blogs that share more of the author's life.  Sometimes I just don't cook a beautiful meal that is original enough to showcase to my real friends, internet friends, and family, but I still want to write and contribute.  The more I thought about this, I came to realize that although most of my favorites are still food/health blogs, they end up being less about the food and more  about the author and how she continually strives to enrich her life, one day at a time.  That being said, this is a cooking/food blog - so most posts will showcase my eats for the day or a cool recipe or restaurant.  

I'd also like to focus more on other factors than just the cooking - health, happiness, friends, family, etc.  Basically a more casual format - which will hopefully encourage more frequent posts!

So join me for the ride?  Thank you to my very small group of readers - hopefully there will be more in 2010!

Oh, and a few photos from the holiday season - I took a little hiatus from photographing the food I made, although we hosted some great holiday dinners!  

My sister in law, Sarah, and me on Christmas Eve:

John and my brother, who arrived back home from Afghanistan on Christmas Eve morning!  Best Christmas present ever!  (He goes back on January 9th until August).

Christmas Eve brunch with childhood best friends:

Oh, and the one food photo I did take over Christmas - whole wheat banana muffins for a work Christmas breakfast.  (I used Southern Living's banana bread recipe and just made muffins instead; big hit and it's super healthy!)

So that about does it for today!  John and I are going meatless for the month of January so I'm off to make white bean and kale soup from this month's Real Simple.  Yum!  


  1. I absolutely gravitate towards blogs where the author shares her life more than just recipes or workouts.

    Good luck with the marathon!! Are you planning on doing the ING Georgia half in March?

  2. I think I am going to do the half - are you?

  3. Wish I could have joined ya'll for Christmas Eve brunch :(

  4. Hi Tracy! Thanks for your sweet note. Good luck with the marathon training and meatless month! (Two topics close to my heart - I've been a vegetarian for 6 years and I've run 7 marathons!)