Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make Your Own Omelets

Hello!  I hope you had a great Easter Weekend!  Mine was jam packed with friends in town, visiting family, and LOTS of food.  I'm still recovering!  Friday I visited friends in Athens and had a blast - I really miss the small town feel of Athens - sometimes the hustle and bustle of Atlanta gets to me.  Saturday was lunch with my oldest friends (as in, we've been friends the longest, not their age!), and Saturday night was celebrating my friend Bridgette's birthday.  

Sunday we kicked off our Easter double header with 8:30 church and then brunch at my mother in law's house.  (We went to my parents house later that day for dinner).  We brought Sam over to play with Kathy's two 6 month old puppies, Max and Bella.  They had a blast and pretty much behaved themselves, even though Sam's surely twice their size already at 12 weeks!

We made a really fun brunch at Kathy's and I thought I'd share.  The photos are not the best, but it was such a fun way to make Make-Your-Own-Omelets for a group, I had to blog about it!

Make Your Own Omelets 
Serves a crowd - as many as you want! (This recipe served 5)

1 dozen eggs
Omelet mixings to your desire - ours included:
(all chopped into small pieces)
bell peppers
medium sized Ziploc bags

Write your name on a Ziploc bag with a sharpie.  Crack two eggs and put into a bag (have someone else hold the bag when you put the eggs in it).  Smush together with your hands so as to "whisk" the eggs.  Add whatever veggies/mixings, and salt and pepper that you want to the bag and smush around again. 

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of water to a boil.  Once everyone has assembled their bags with omelet ingredients, place all of the bags in the boiling water and cook for 13 minutes.  Remove from the water, let sit for about a minute, and empty contents of the bag onto a plate.  It should come out perfectly shaped like a burrito/omelet!  

This was so fun to do and I'd definitely remember this recipe for the next time I'm on vacation with a bunch of friends.  I hope you enjoy it too!  Here are some shots of the process.

Here's the "toppings bar."

My brother in law, Wes, making his omelet

Omelets in the bag, before boiling

The finished product!  (My omelet had everything except bacon).


  1. I love the make your own omelet idea and am jealous that you went to Athens Friday!

    I want an update on your knee. How is it feeling? What did the doctor say? And what are you thinking about the upcoming race?

  2. Oh my gosh, Sam had a play cute!! The omelets look amazing(O: