Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On Insomnia. Oh, and a Turkey Burger!

And, just like that, the insomnia is back. Sleep depravation is one of the first signs of being stressed out for me; I've been a horrible sleeper my whole life. Unfortunately, this morning was no different than many weekday mornings - wide awake at 3:46, staring at the ceiling, wondering if I'd fall back asleep before my 5:15 wakeup call.

I didn't. And instead of pushing it and going to spin class, I texted Diana and told her I was bailing. John was getting up at 6, so I moved it to the guest room and managed to doze for about an hour and a half (with the help of a small pill that will remain nameless), so I guess skipping the workout was worth it.

I seem to have so many things spinning through my head these days - thoughts of what lies ahead that day, that week, that month, that year, and my whole life. Why I decide to dwell on these deepest thoughts in the middle of the night I'll never know. If anyone has tips for getting a better night sleep without overdosing on Tylenol PM, please let me know!

I try to keep this blog positive but do want it to be a reflection of me and my life, so there's no point in keeping it all inside if there are tough topics to talk about. Writing is a release for me in a lot of ways (betcha didn't know I keep a journal?) and I'm determined to embrace that passion!

I'm booked with social and work commitments until Sunday, so not a lot of cooking will be going on. (Can I just tell you that I'm itching to bake lately, too?!) Since there's not a lot in the new recipes department, I'll share with you our meal on Memorial Day; while it certainly is not a recipe to share, it was a fun meal and happens to be my last bite of meat for a month. That's right, I'm going meatless again for June, just like I did in January. Why? A lot of reasons that I'll cover in another post, but to keep it simple, I just feel like it's the right thing to do for me currently.

John seasoned the organic ground turkey (94% blend as opposed to 99% fat free - provides so much more flavor) with this "Burger Starter" from Williams Sonoma:

Delish!  I highly recommend splurging on some rubs and marinades from Williams Sonoma this summer...they add so much more flavor than the kind you find at the grocery store.

So that's it!  Have a great day and hopefully I will be back to report a good night's sleep sometime soon :-)  

Questions - How do you deal with sleepless nights?  And do you have a favorite marinade or rub for grilling season?


  1. Hey Tracy -

    I think you and I are wired pretty similarly. I also have a hard time sleeping, especially when I am stressed. I find that it goes in cycles for me. One thing that has really helped Brandon and me is taking melatonin every night. Have you ever tried it? It's a natural supplement and I feel a lot better about taking it versus Tylenol PM or prescription sleeping pills.

    While I am sleeping better in general, I can't even remember the last time that I slept through the night without waking up at least once.

    Regarding rubs...we love Dizzy Pig! So good!

  2. Jen, thanks so much for the rec for melatonin! I'm going to look for that this weekend. I feel weird taking sleeping pills and am scared of developing an addiction so have definitely been looking for something more natural. I have a friend Lindsay who recommended a nighttime tea from Trader Joe's too, FYI - I'll let you know how it is.