Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thoughts on writing, and the future of Kitchen Ambition

I have so loved this blog for a number of reasons - a recipe journal for John and me to look back on, and a way to express creativity are two of the things I love the most.  But the best result of having a blog and dedicating more time to it in the recent month is that it brings me back to my “roots” in a way, and lets me embrace my passion for writing.  I’ve always loved all things surrounding the written word - I spend hours reading books, magazines, and blogs.  Along with reading, writing has always been a medium where I feel creative, excited, and confident  - when I was younger, it was writing short stories and letters; in adolescence it was writing essays, papers for school, and journal entries, and in my adulthood, it’s through journaling and now this blog.  I even love writing emails!

That being said, part of what holds me back from writing more often in the public forum is what I perceive as lack of blog content.  But that’s all changing. Probably like most of you, as much as I’d love to have the time to come up with a beautiful new, healthy, creative recipe every day, I simply do not have the time.  And honestly, while cooking is a huge part of my life and interests, it doesn’t end there.  

I’ve decided that Kitchen Ambition will be taking a new direction; and I will no longer feel that I cannot enter a blog post if I don’t have a creative recipe to share.  Of course the focus of the blog will still be cooking, but I’d also like the freedom to write about whatever I want to write about.  So I plan to start discussing other things, like day to day events in my life, health and wellness,  exercise, travel, organization, finding balance, or whatever else it is that I feel like writing about!  I’m sure the first few weeks, maybe even months, will be a little awkward as I make this transition, but I can’t thank you enough for bearing with me  and being supportive of the evolution of Kitchen Ambition!

Hope you’re having a wonderful evening - we got back from a large family gift exchange about an hour ago, and are turning around to go to another holiday party in about 45 minutes.  I plan to post a re-cap of Jill’s tacky Christmas party soon, complete with photos of me dressed as Mrs. Claus!

Since I've got no food pics today, here's a puppy pic just for fun!


  1. My favorite blogs are the ones that combine cooking and the blogger's every day life.

    I still can't believe how big your dog has gotten. I remember you posting puppy pictures of her.

  2. Tracy - I am so excited about your decision to be more flexible with your blog content. I know you will enjoy the freedom and feel a little more like "you."

    Sam is so cute! :)

  3. I look forward to the new direction that Kitchen Ambition will take! I have really enjoyed reading your blog!