Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't tell my Husband...

 Don't tell my husband, but sometimes I really enjoy a night at home alone. It's nothing against him, I just love making exactly what I want to eat, kicking my feet up, and zoning out in front of the tv while eating dinner. Is that bad? C'mon ladies, admit it...who likes a solo night every once in a while?
Tonight I kept it simple with a big ole beautiful pan of roasted veggies tossed in garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and soy sauce. I cooked some brown rice and tossed in some curry powder, piled the veggies on top, tossed that trick with some peanuts for protein, and lots of siracha, and called it a day! I love it when my meals are surprisingly vegan - it always means I'm going to have lots of energy the next day, among other things! Wink! (note - I didn't actually consume all of those veggies - about half of that is packed up in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.)

So that's all I've got. I keep wanting to talk about other stuff on my blog, like daily activities, workin' out, and what not, but can't seem to figure out how to fit it into my content. I took down my exercise page a while back because I wasn't feeling it - I don't think documenting everything I eat or every work out is my style. (Not that I don't love blogs that do this!) Anyway - I've been back to being the cardio queen lately, but am happy to say I have still been doing some weight training and am liking the results! I feel strong!

Two questions: Do you enjoy solo nights?  I do, but in moderation! ;-)
If you have a blog, how do you figure out what to write about and make it "flow?"  I need tips!


  1. My husband works opposite hours as me which is a total pain most of the time, but I do like the alone time, especially in the evening when all I want to do is read blogs and watch tv.

    As far as making your posts flow, I find that it's easiest for me to talk about one thing in each post. I used to try to talk about my whole day and it would get too wordy and too choppy. So one day I'll talk about a run and the next day, I'll talk about a recipe. That's not to say that I don't combine it sometimes. I don't know if that makes any sense!

  2. 1. I enjoy zoning out in front of the tv and knitting.
    2. Think of your top 5 things to talk about and go with that. Have some fun random stuff in there, too.
    3. I am a regular reader :)

  3. 1. Love alone time these days... but that only happens during nap time. Really though, after one night of being home alone I am ready for some company!

    2. You're asking the wrong person about blogging... just keep doing what you're doing- I'll keep reading :)

  4. Brandon has a bowling league on Wednesday evenings and I love it! I always catch up on Grey's and cook a yummy meatless dinner. Nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of "me" time.

  5. Hello from another Atlantan!

    I'm all about a night in alone - especially on these rainy nights. It can get me in trouble though... I read blogs and get the urge to start baking. :)

  6. I love solo nights. I'm currently on Day 2 of being solo! My Husband is out of town. I can wtch what I want to on TV, make whatever I want for dinner, and sleep in the middle of the bed. I love it.

    PS - Thanks for the reply on the comment on Emily's blog!

  7. I cant help but notice the pops of color in these veggies, great images!

    lovely blog,