Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gluten Free Granola

So I've been gluten free for almost three weeks now in an attempt to solve some big time stomach issues. I wrote a little bit about it a few weeks ago and decided to take it down from the blog because I felt like it was TMI. But here I am, discussing my digestive system again. What can I say, I like to talk about it! :-) Basically, for several years I've had a series of painful stomach problems that I couldn't diagnose, and my doctor suggested trying going gluten free. I'd say that 90% of these problems have seriously disappeared in my attempt to modify the gluten (anything made from wheat) that goes in my body. Is this fun? I miss bread and beer. But I don't miss my stomach pains, so I'm sticking with it for the time being. I have hope that once my intestines are "repaired" from eliminating gluten from my diet for an extended period of time, I can slowly add it back in and just eat food made with wheat in moderation.

One thing I've found is that gluten free food is expensive! I've caved and bought some packaged convenience foods, (like gluten free chips and crackers) but for the most part have tried to just be more conscious of what I'm eating instead of substituting one gluten-laden ingredient for another (i.e. gluten free english muffins - as much as I miss this breakfast staple I refuse to pay $5.99 for one package of 6 when I used to buy one get one free whole wheat bagels at Publix for $3.69!). I looked at a box of gluten free granola the other day that was $5.99 and contained probably 6 servings, and just laughed. I cannot justify spending that much money on cereal! (Especially after Kelly kind of taught me how to coupon and I realized how cheap that stuff can be!)

So tonight I made gluten free granola for a fraction of the cost, plus the bonus of knowing exactly what went into one of my staple breakfast dishes! I basically followed my own recipe but used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats instead of my usual Quaker Oats.
Oats/almonds/coconut before baking

The result was really good! I accidentally baked the granola at 325 degrees, and not 300, so it got a little burnt, but it just made it kind of crispy. I ate ("tasted") a ton of this while it was cooling and I'm happy to say it serves as a fabulous dessert as well as a breakfast staple, mixed with this:

Other noteworthy breakfasts made with said oats include this bowl of oatmeal, 
topped with this amazingness:
I have no words. This sunflower butter is addictive! I must replenish ASAP!

Next granola recipe to try? This one - I cannot wait!

That's all for tonight...happy Thursday!  What do you guys have planned for this weekend?  I'm going to spin tomorrow morning, then to the High Museum's wine auction tomorrow night with John and some people from work.  Saturday I'm cooking and cleaning because Sunday I'm hosting a baby shower for my best friend from growing up, Lindsay!
Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back Sunday with a recap!

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  1. Yes! Coupons :) Thanks for the shout out! And can't wait to see ya'll Sunday to celebrate baby Dixie!!