Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black Bean Burgers & Vegetarian Month

I was so excited to get back in the kitchen this weekend. I made out a meal plan for the week (I usually plan about 3 meals, and then leave room for more impulsive "what should we have" nights) and took a big trip to the grocery store this morning knowing exactly what I wanted to make tonight: Emily, from The Daily Garnish's, Vegan Black Bean Burgers (which I promptly made un-vegan but putting white cheddar cheese on top). I followed her recipe to a T so I'll direct you over to her site for instructions, but let me just tell you there's a reason these burgers get so much hype in the blog world...they are good!

I baked them at 325 degrees for about 10 minutes before we moved them to the Big Green Egg, and they ended up being the perfect mixture of crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. I highly recommend adding these to your summer line up (although you can make them all year long in the oven). I know we'll be making them again in our house!

Here's what you need: (note the pepitas, my new favorite ingredient)
The burgers going in the oven:
On the grill:
The end result:

So I mentioned earlier last week that I'm going to go veggie for the month of June. I have done this the past two Januaries (although this year I cheated after coming down with the flu when John made chicken soup!) and while I'm not the biggest meat eater on the planet, I look at it as a challenge. Mainly a challenge to come up with some new recipes instead of the throw a piece of chicken or fish on the grill and make a veggie side routine that we get into, and also as a challenge to eat more conscientiously. I do plan on eating seafood a few times, mainly when out to dinner, but otherwise I'd like to keep my at home consumption to vegetarian meals. I'll let you know how it goes! Lindsay is going vegetarian in June as well so I'm looking forward to comparing notes with her!

How do you feel about eating meat vs. going full fledge vegetarian? I don't think I can ever be 100% vegetarian but feel my best when I'm not consuming meat on a daily basis.


  1. We made these burgers last weekend and they were really good. Loved the pepitas in them. I think I was a bit heavy handed with the cinnamon though so I might go lighter on that next time.

    Apparently, my husband is joining you for a vegetarian free month. He says he wants to go vegetarian at least until our trip to Mexico, which is in two weeks.

  2. I personally don't eat chicken, beef, pork or the like (only some seafood) but I do cook it from time to time for the Mister.

    Good luck on your challenge!

  3. these black bean burgers are good! i made them last fall.

    i try to limit my meat intake. i abstain from meat for breakfast/lunch 99% of the time and like to limit my dinner intake to a few times a week although sometimes that doesn't always happen. i don't think i could go (or would want to go) 100% vegetarian for reasons of loving to cook and eat out but i would like to reduce my meat intake even more.