Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning - Food Blog Style

I cannot believe I'm about to subject myself to this embarrassment but I have had enough!  You see, I have a bad habit of buying too much food. Plain and simple, I just like to shop.  For clothes, shoes, books, and even food.  So when I see a deal at the grocery store on something I'm pretty sure I'm going to use, I almost always pick it up.   This has led to a pantry that looks not like that of an organized, 28 year old married couple with no kids, but like one straight out of Hoarders.  I present to you the bane of my existence.
 Let's go shelf by shelf and examine the ridiculousness of my excessive amount of pantry items.  First up we have cereal, granola, pasta, crackers, popcorn, salad dressing, nuts, olive oil, vinegar, mayo, luna bars, mayo, Bisquick...and that's just what I can see from the picture.
Shelf #2 contains hidden canned goods primarily consisting of beans, tomatoes, and soup, as well as raisins, saltines (haven't been touched since I was sick 2 months ago), John's oatmeal packets (he's obsessed!), more oil & vinegar, more salad dressings, more Luna bars...
 More nuts, canned goods (tuna and coconut milk from what I can see), chips, Larabars, dried cherries...
 And finally the top shelf...crackers, Ritz crackers, brownie mix (!), coffee, organic diced tomatoes (Costco purchase)
Pretty ridiculous right?  I mean I'm all for keeping a stocked pantry and like having options to pull from when I'm trying to get dinner together in a pinch, but {surprisingly to you probably} I absolutely hate clutter and my pantry is just making my skin itch at this point!

Next up we have the refrigerator and freezer, which, unfortunately, are not much better:
Freezer goods (berries, veggies, chicken, salmon, shrimp, bread)
 Fridge door...way too many condiments!

And the actual fridge..eek!  

So, my friends, the time has come.  Time for Spring Cleaning - Food Blog Style.  Over the next month my goal is to get this nastiness eaten up and emptied out.  We've got two out of town weddings to attend so there is no need to be buying a bunch of groceries anyway.  I usually spend between $65 - $85 a week in groceries and my goal is to spend no more than $25 a week until May.  This will be a lesson in restraint for me, the spender of our family, but I know it will feel sooo good to have a clean, organized fridge and pantry at the end of this month long challenge!  Posting pictures on this blog is good motivation for me too, with the thoughts of an "after" post...a much calmer, clutter free space is in my future.

OK I'm off to do some Jillian in preparation for our beach trip this weekend...wish me luck!   I hope you still want to read my blog after you've seen how gross my pantry is!

Are you a spender when it comes to groceries?  Do you keep a stocked pantry or do you buy food on an as needed basis?  


  1. I promise you my pantry/fridge are even worse. Since I started couponing, I was buying so much stuff we didn't need and have cut waaay back. But half the time I buy something for a meal that week only to find what I needed hidden in the back of my pantry. Grrr... you are inspiring me to try the same type of challenge!

  2. Ok that makes me feel better! You do the challenge and blog about it so I can have a buddy! :-)

  3. I love seeing behind people's closet doors! You're so lucky to have a pantry! I don't have one and our kitchen is so tiny!!! I'm a grocery spender but my husband isn't. He buys exactly what we need for that night. We are walking distance from the grocery so grab what we need for that night. Rarely do we buy ahead... and that's what we need to get better at. Can't wait to see what you cook and buy!

  4. This is hysterical! my freezers are in serious need of help!

  5. Our pantry and fridge are out of control too! I am good about only buying things that we need for the recipes I make that week, but I typically buy in bulk so if we don't use that item all the time then I end up having tons of excess in the freezer and pantry. This might be a good challenge for me to take too.