Monday, November 28, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend

 What an amazing Thanksgiving break!  We spent so much time with family and friends and also had a good amount of down time this go round which is unique for us!   I had big plans to clean out closets and organize in that down time but really just spent it reading, eating/drinking, and watching football.  Don't regret it at all!

Some photos from our second Thanksgiving which took place on Friday:

Everything was amazing!  We spent Thanksgiving day with John's family (16 people) and then Friday with my parents (just the 4 of us).  A really good balance and we had a great time at both celebrations. 

Saturday we went to tailgate down at GA Tech's campus for the UGA/Georgia Tech game.  Then we went and watched the game at Cypress Street in Midtown.  It was a really fun day and we won the game which made it even better!  

Yesterday we got to go see Kelly (one of my oldest friends and also one of KA's most faithful commenters :-)) and her new baby girl Molly!   We brought them dinner which included healthy banana bread, these corn muffins, and this chicken tortilla soup.  And some brownies that are as addictive as crack that I will be posting about soon! It was so fun to hang with her adorable family and play with 18 month old Kaden.  He's freaking adorable and we had fun reading him LOTS of books and trying to get him to sit still while saying "cheeeeese" for the camera. 

Baby Molly!  3 weeks old and doing great.  She slept the whole time like a good little newborn.

I don't know how Kelly and Trey do it....2 under 2 is a handful!

Now it's back to the grind and it's appropriately cold and rainy outside.  How many weeks til Christmas?  ;-)

Have a great week.  What was the highlight of your Thanksgiving break?

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